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Harley Davidson Street 500 and 750 6 November, 2013

Posted by Firsty Ayusha in Harley Davidson.
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Dear readers, during the EICMA event in Milan, it finally shown a new variant of Harley Davidson ( HD ) Street 500 cc and 750 cc. According to tmcblog, it ‘ s quite special because it didn’t take a launch in America. That’s probably because the target market is not from America.


The outside appearance is HD chooper style, it is visible from its wide radius. The front tire is larger (17 inches) than the rear tire (15 inches). Both front and rear tyres have 1 rotor braking system. Front rake is pretty good with high handlebars plus low seat that give a more comfortable ride.

How about the engine? With two cylinders configuration, it looks like the other HD machines with V60 degree.  The fluid cooling system is fuller if compared with fluid cooling system from Rushmore Project which only cools the head cylinder only. The water jacket is also cools the side cylinder and also the head cylinder.
About this HD new variants, Maurizio Ruvolo, the Marketing Manager of Harley Davidson ltaly said,

“It ‘s very important for a motorcycle Harley -Davidson because it allows us to bring new customers in a segment of the public undoubtedly younger, so as to widen the family of Harley riders and their loyalty to the brand , of course, to ensure that customers remain Harley even when the choice will fall on one of larger machines . ” –

Would it launched in Indonesia?  Let’s wait the further news from Mabua.


1. paijo - 6 November, 2013

yes HD for asian rider

2. paijo - 6 November, 2013


3. aanhamzah - 6 November, 2013

Vote 250cc version for Indonesia 😀

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4. paijo - 6 November, 2013

o,baru nyadar ini to yg katanya kolaborasi wak haji n jeng ucha.congrat!

5. Om Puns - 6 November, 2013


6. rusman - 6 November, 2013


7. jleb - 6 November, 2013

Hi Firsty Ayusha..

Are you married?

8. A-bede - 6 November, 2013

Boyongan kabeh, kapan syukurane wak haji

9. sandal jepit - 6 November, 2013

mbah google, tolong

10. frontdiskbrake - 6 November, 2013


eh…..No ding..!

11. wisnu3ds - 6 November, 2013
12. lexyleksono - 6 November, 2013

These bikes will be more suitable for most Indonesian riders. Looking at the pictures, they still look big despite of their 500cc & 750cc engines. Hopefully the price can be cut down to compete with Kawasaki here in Indonesia.


13. ari - 6 November, 2013

absen di rumah baru…

14. rikza - 6 November, 2013

asik om, udah pake bahasa inggris
udah gabung sama komunitas jurnalis asing donk?

15. peyek - 6 November, 2013

bahasa LINGGIS luwih mantep😀

16. Aragani - 6 November, 2013
17. roll thortle - 6 November, 2013

If i had this bike i wont use that helm
Not Not safety after all

18. sejutawarnaa - 6 November, 2013

kalo komen di mari pake bahasa ingris dong?😀

19. sejutawarnaa - 6 November, 2013

oh ya kang, tampilan mobile nya ga bisa?

20. gege - 6 November, 2013

nice blog

21. setia1heri - 6 November, 2013
22. alien - 6 November, 2013

Basa roming euy, rarusing

23. brigade jalan raya - 6 November, 2013

yeah. will makes new blue ocean😀

24. frontdiskbrake - 6 November, 2013
25. Duinnn - 7 November, 2013

Finally HD install liquid cooled in their varian, maybe this can make its rider more slower at road. piss.

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