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Yamaha Xmax 125. . . This variant may be launched in Indonesia!! 6 November, 2013

Posted by Firsty Ayusha in yamaha.
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Dear Readers, Do you still remember about the 125cc imported bike (CBU) which motoupdate predicted will be one of the five variants that would be the mainstay of Yamaha Indonesia New Variants? This bike which has M*1 name code, will be launch in Indonesia in the end of 2014. This bike can be another main project of Yamaha Indonesia.


By design, Xmax 125 is following the corporate design of Xmax 400 scooter as Sporty, stylish and practical scooter. The front tire is using 15-inch radius, while the rear tire is using 14-inch radius. Telescopic front suspension and twin rear suspension making it more stable. Yamaha updated the front of 125/250cc Xmax to be more aggressive like the Xmax 400. Plus high windshield can protect some helmet areas. Higher handlebar makes touring activities seem to be comfortable with this scooter.

This scooter has dual keen Headlight Design. It has new LED tail light. It also has large underseat storage for two full-face helmets. The seat is excellent for rider and passenger comfort.

Xmax 125 has a full digital speedometer area. We can find a variety of information on there such as speed, engine rotation (tachometer), fuel consumption data, periodic maintenance information, clock and trip meter.
If launched in Indonesia, this scooter will certainly be a high end scooter. . . and its the same with the information that entered into tmcblog, that Yamaha Indonesia imported the next M * 1 in the hundreds of units per month only. ..
But is it true that the M * 1 Yamaha is Xmax 125?

Lets wait and see in the second half of 2014. For now, please enjoy the pictures of 125/250cc Xmax.
Hope it useful.
taufik of BuitenZorg
Main features X -MAX 125 and 250 from motoblog.
* Scooter sports high-quality
* Single-cylinder with electronic fuel injection available in 125 cc and 250 cc
* New hull design , inspired by X -MAX 400 .
* More upright riding position
* New front with twin headlights and rear LED lights
* Revised suspension settings to provide maximum driving comfort
* Under-seat storage for two full-face helmets
* Lockable storage compartments in the countershield
* Instrumentation full LCD
* Wheels 15 ” front , 14″ rear
* New aluminum wheels with spokes thinner
* New anatomical saddle with lumbar support in ABS option



1. Aan Kiye - 6 November, 2013
2. achenks - 6 November, 2013


3. jleb - 6 November, 2013

am i pertamax here??

4. Nichoz Ahmad - 6 November, 2013


5. Petter Tesla - 6 November, 2013


6. dadot - 6 November, 2013

with the competition becoming tightened, anything should be done at its peak to secure the market share. with regard to Yamaha, left behind its strong nemesis in larger margin would leave nothing than attempting as much as it can be,

7. jleb - 6 November, 2013

at 29 my age…
i certainly will keep this bike in my garage

8. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

nice oppinion . . . doing the best is a must i think 🙂

9. erfandry - 6 November, 2013

Woooow…layak ditunggu..

10. Der Panzer - 6 November, 2013

yamaha Indoensia will all out to win the indoensia market, and Indonesian will be happy for this because the Yamaha will release the world quality motor cycle in Indoneisa not like the rival that for motor cycle quality is not good or Local quality… thanks yamaha Indonesia

11. pramvoxs - 6 November, 2013

wew mirip cs 1

12. Der Panzer - 6 November, 2013

YIMM will all out to win the indoensia market, and Indonesian will be happy for this because the YIMM will release the world quality motor cycle in Indoneisa not like the rival that for motor cycle quality is not good or Local quality…

13. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

@9. pramvoxs
in english : it might look like CS1 🙂

14. mbahjo - 6 November, 2013

silakan di kunyah-kunyah babasa Inggrisnya apa Wak Haji ?

15. Silent Rider - 6 November, 2013

big 20th…

16. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

@13. mbahjo
‘oke lets chew it’


17. st3v4nt - 6 November, 2013

While I doubt this model could come here, since YIMM is notorious for it’s cheap model policy in Indonesia, nevertheless it will makes mid size urban / light cruiser scooter market more competitive.

18. didsy - 6 November, 2013

Defenetly will be stay in my garage…
HªhªhªhªHªhª =)) º°˚˚°º

19. bark - 6 November, 2013

rear shockbreaker kok rada aneh yaa wak haji? hehe

20. jhaloo65343 - 6 November, 2013

yamaha must entered this model..i believe it will make good oportunity to open new mindset of indonesian biker about scooter except pcx. its has good appearance and power, the key to promote biker interest. its the true honda pcx rival!!!

21. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

@16. st3v4nt
how about if YIMM place this scooter as a remium bike ?

@17. didsy
as a bike or as a poster 😀

22. jhaloo65343 - 6 November, 2013

yamaha must entered this model..i believe it will make good oportunity to open new mindset of indonesian biker about scooter. good appearance, power, is the key to promote biker sins to choose this. true honda pcx rival!!!

23. rusman - 6 November, 2013

wow…. must speak english

24. jhaloo65343 - 6 November, 2013

indonesian biker is unique.with majority biker is fanatizm brand. here scooter war betwen honda and yamaha!!! others??noo.if yamaha will back attack PCX’s honda using this model. i belive yamaha will take over again scooter market from honda… in my mind this model have a truff card to kick pcx..hehehe.. with smart prize too.

25. Teguh Judianto Kingdom - 6 November, 2013

wow, i see there are many foreigner above, so i speak in english too, sir, how about the dimension of this scooter, identical with his big brother or not?, if yes,technically it is better to fit 250cc engine, 125 cc engine seems to be downside of this bike, big scoot but low power

26. jleb - 6 November, 2013

Let’s see if this design will be delivered to Yamaha Indonesia’s 125 cc to fight back against Vario 125

27. lexyleksono - 6 November, 2013

Great looking bike..! If it is sold here in Indonesia, I believe it will boom provided the price is acceptable to most Indonesian buyers.


28. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

@24. Teguh Judianto Kingdom
just wait, i have to read the info first 😀

29. jleb - 6 November, 2013

posted by firsty ayusha?

30. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

@26. jleb
yes, motoupdate is a blog manage not just only me . . . but there are 3 of us

31. jhaloo65343 - 6 November, 2013

2014 will be great battle !!!

32. Tulus Budi - 6 November, 2013

XMAX125 can beat PCX ? time will tell ……

33. pup - 6 November, 2013

I can learn motorcycle and english from here 😀
And FB* can’t yelling each other. 😀
Thank you wak taufik

34. ongkowijaya - 6 November, 2013

keren coy….

35. juniperxt - 6 November, 2013

ok mr taufik (we see,se read,we comment) fast web u yeeee

36. setia1heri - 6 November, 2013
37. dqr46 - 6 November, 2013

hopefully quick in Indonesia and certainly at an affordable price..

38. emir99 - 6 November, 2013

Is it difficult to search those 15 inch of tire in a local market , Sir ? 🙂

39. dave - 6 November, 2013

in this thread are we should comment in english too? hehe..

40. sugiyantokenz - 6 November, 2013

great scooter in indonesia, this is beauty sporty scooter, but problem is maybe range price this bike

41. dove - 6 November, 2013


42. premium ready - 6 November, 2013

you must tea a pick, can yamaha do do honda
AHM cup fug

43. amadeo - 6 November, 2013

absolutely…tmc motoupdate in english version….i believe…there are not “FBH n FBY”…to say war about bullshitt marketing languange…. Oke god job tmc motoupdate…

44. ndesospeed - 6 November, 2013

must be using english ki

45. 0yoo - 6 November, 2013

asem, bacaku lebih lama dr biasanya :mrgreen:……………………………
don’t smoking,,,english please!

46. yudha40 - 6 November, 2013

mantap euy

47. pritikiew - 6 November, 2013

good job mr. Taufik.
I like this blog because it can increase my english skill!!

48. alien - 6 November, 2013

Aku arep komet kamit opo yo,
Ra mudeng, ra roming kulo,
Gor deprok neng sawah wae ngenteni kuli panen

49. Duinnn - 6 November, 2013

This article is post by the umbrella girl that has om taufik posted. Joss.
no comment, I can’t write english.

50. Radit - 6 November, 2013

Mirip motor jaman sekolah ane om.
kaya gini kira2 penampakannya

51. Zainal Mactavish - 6 November, 2013

Nicee post 🙂

52. vijay - 6 November, 2013

“posted by Firsty ayusha” who is she Mr.Taufik? is she an Indonesian umbrella girl that you’ve wroten in the past? #skalian belajar bahasa inggris nih 😀 mantab P.Haji saya suka sama keputusan meng’inggriskan motoupdate, sukses lah.

53. Taufik - 6 November, 2013

@52. vijay
yes, correct its her

to be precisely . . . ” meng’ingriskan tmcblog” at motoupdate

54. ipanase - 7 November, 2013

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