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2014 Vespa primavera . . . A deep look, compared with other lineups of modern Vespa 7 November, 2013

Posted by ardot in Piaggio.


From the land where art and technology meets, EICMA 2013 has more than many to offer for your pleasure surprise. And when ‘Vespa’ is involved, you should be staying where you have sit reading this post. As you may have known a its brand new Primavera has been rolled out even before EICMA was kicked off hours ago. Piaggio Indonesia has explicitly expressed their intention to market the automatic scooter in Indonesia, confirmed by automotive registration process, popularly known as TPT, of this type. Piaggio has boasted this automatic scooter is quite different from any other lineup ever launched before. The question is how much is the difference? . . . to prove it let us use our digital knife to make a imaginary surgery on the body of this automatic scooter . . .


You can see on top picture, TMCBlog have lined up some of Vespa variants including Primavera 2014, LT/LX, 946 and LVX . . . And, again, you can see LT/LX and LVX has shared dimension because three of them were built on similar chassis. However, when any of them is compared to the 2014 Primavera, the difference is so protruding.


Look at its most front section right below the headlamp. The curved inclination found on vespa’s Primavera is more similar to that of Vespa 946. Take also a look at the design of both central and rear body. The Primavera shows more oval in shape than body/chassis on LX/LT and LVX . . . Subjectively according to TMCBlog, this unique shape of oval makes Vespa’s Primavera look sexier than LT/LX and LVX . . . more resembling the ovalness belonging to Vespa 946 body . . . Yet, although Primavera is not long as vespa 946, its wheelbase is slightly longer than the duos LX/LT and LVX (and then longer than Vespa S as well) . . . Longer wheelbase means better handling, more stable during riding on the road cant wait to see the real one when officially launched share what you are thinking of this article and goodness may it bring to you




1. orong-orong - 7 November, 2013
2. Ferboes Richardson - 7 November, 2013
3. Ferboes Richardson - 7 November, 2013

Kapan lagi bisa borong podium di wak haji…

4. paman sam - 7 November, 2013


5. paman sam - 7 November, 2013

lumayaaaan 😀

6. Ferboes Richardson - 7 November, 2013
7. paman sam - 7 November, 2013

duuuuh mas ferboes korupsi podium neh 😀

8. paman sam - 7 November, 2013

jemurnya di rantai sih jdi nyangkut tuh di gir 😀

9. paman sam - 7 November, 2013

enak bangad ya klo nyemplak di 946 😀 di lampu merah jdi artis tuh vespa 😀

10. SL - 7 November, 2013

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11. motorisgalau - 7 November, 2013

you forgot the GTS my dear sir….

12. pak tarno - 7 November, 2013

modern vespa use front mono arm in left, but old one in right.
arggghhhh… the pioneer of monoshock 😀
only 2 shockabsorber in every unit.

13. livulife - 7 November, 2013

napa gak pake bilingual aja mas
jadi agak males mengunyah bhs asing

14. asalBRITISH - 7 November, 2013

Take also a look at the design of both central and rear body.

Is it better ??! :
Also take a look at the design of both central and rear body.

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