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Facts and stats from Valencia and Final race Permutation in MotoGP 7 November, 2013

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Dear Readers, This year will be the 15th Grand Prix of Valencia, which has been held every year since the first visit in 1999. Below aresome facts and statistics from the previous 14 grand prix events held at the Ricardo Tormo – Comunitat Valenciana

This will be the 1th successive year that Valencia has hosted the final race of the season – no other circuit has hosted the final event of the grand prix season on more occasions.

The Valencia circuit is named after Spanish racer Ricardo Tormo, who won the 50cc world title riding for Bultaco in 1978 and 1981. In addition to his 15 Grand Prix victories in the 50cc class he also had 4 wins in the 125cc class. His career ended in 1984 due to leg injuries suffered in a crash whilst testriding. Tormo sadly died from leukaemia in 1998.


Dani Pedrosa is the most successful rider at the Valencia circuit with six wins; three in MotoGP, two in 250cc, and one in the 125cc class. No other rider has had more than three GP wins at the Valencia circuit.

The premier-class race at Valencia has been won five times by Spanish riders; Sete Gibernau won the 500cc race on a Suzuki in 2001, Dani Pedrosa won the MotoGP race in 2007, 2009 and 2012, and Jorge Lorenzo won in 2010.

Since the introduction of the four-stroke MotoGP formula in 2002, Honda have been the most successful manufacturer with seven victories at the Valencia circuit. Both Ducati and Yamaha have had two wins. Every MotoGP race at Valencia has been won by a rider qualifying on the front row of the grid.

Final Race Permutation in MotoGP


The MotoGP title battle goes to the final event of the year with 13 points separating championship-leader Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. Below are the scenarios with regard to the championship title:

  • If Lorenzo wins the race then Marquez needs to finish fourth or better to become world champion.
  • If Lorenzo finishes second then Marquez needs to finish eighth or better to become world champion.
  • If Lorenzo finishes third then Marquez needs to finish 12th or better to become world champion.
  • If Lorenzo finishes fourth then Marquez needs to finish 15th or better to become world champion.
  • If Lorenzo does not finish in the top four then Marquez will automatically be world champion, whatever his own result.

*based on press release data from dorna’s motogp


1. Jamaah MBLARAH - 7 November, 2013

Mpodiom neh…

2. florange - 7 November, 2013

i think marquez team will push hard their rookies to finish first, so the team get double victory.
1.Finish fisrt in the last battle.
2.Get World championship.

3. Khabib Jetfire - Tonnie - 7 November, 2013

bloody hell.. :mrgreen:

4. roll thortle - 7 November, 2013

Marquez will crash like rossi vs nicky hayden 🙂

5. cbsf lemot - 7 November, 2013

Hold on MM93 for victory….do your best MM….

6. hi hi hi - 7 November, 2013

moga drama terjadi….. hujan pliiisssss…

7. mathew - 7 November, 2013

MM93 is smart rider!!! and i think, he will become the WC2013.

8. mathew - 7 November, 2013

He will learn from Valentino (2006) and also from Doohan (1992)…

9. palakeciprut - 8 November, 2013


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