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Yamaha’s 2PK parts leaked . . . Yamaha’s R15 brake pedal 11 November, 2013

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Dear readers, Yamaha’s 2PK has intensified the rumor about it when some detail of its parts get clearly shined. After a wheel has made its debut apperance with 2PK marked on it, this time TMCBlog would like to share the pedal brake belonging certainly to Yamaha’s 2PK  . . . some of you have stated your doubtfulness that 2PK is actually vixion-bond code. It is quite logical then . . .since new Vixion and R15 share the same wheels with very identical apperance   . . . However using picture above to make a brief analysis, TMCBlog concludes the brake pedal pictured above more likely to be part of Yamaha’s YZF R15’s brake  pedal, rather than that of Yamaha New Vixion, imho . . . here is the explanation why I have such an opinion

Yamaha R15’s brake pedal has a rounded tip, quite different with Yamaha’s vixion’s brake pedal, as Vixion’s brake pedal is similar to common street bike / naked bike brake pedal usually having corrugated surface right on its front part step . .  back to the leaked picture where the rumor originates we can rest assured that it resembles more yamaha YZF R15 brake pedal than to vixion’s.


So, you can see the difference now, can’t you, agreeing with me that R15 is on its way? As it may have been clear, another question arises . . . tmcblog, how do we know the brake pedal is surely owned by Yamaha 2PK? wiiiidih . . . to get it answered, allow the picture to provide the answer . . .


So, readers, you should be more convinced that yamaha Indonesia will launch YZF R15 in the upcoming time to be positioned as the product entirely manufactured and assembled by Yamaha Indonesia on its own . . . have a nice reading . . . but what is the timing? hmmm the possibility lies somewhere around in second quarter of 2014 . . . review this post carefully and have a nice reading . .. happy heroes day!

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1. orong-orong - 11 November, 2013
2. paijoijo - 11 November, 2013

ok ok

3. bocahmeler - 11 November, 2013

So the comment has to be in english language?

4. wisnu3ds - 11 November, 2013
5. Radit - 11 November, 2013

Hmm, leaked pic again. But now i’m still in love with my NVL. 🙂 . Kang haji must update the template, because this blog looks like blog in early 2000 :piss.

6. alba - 11 November, 2013

Siip deh.. Bang haji, kalau tulisannya bahasa inggris kok ga ada yg salah ketik ya, tp kalau pake bahasa indonesia kadang ada yg salah ketik [pas blm ada motoupdate]. Sy cari tmcblog bahasa indonesia kok susah ya? Dapatnya lagi2 motoupdate. Sy kurang paham tulisan bahasa inggris. Maaf 1000 maaf nih bang haji..

7. ken39 - 12 November, 2013

titip jemuran ae kang 😀


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