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YZF R250 misses the party? No clear evidence on Yamaha Booth at tokyo Motor Show 2013 of the soon-to-be rival of Ninja 250 and CBR 250 11 November, 2013

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Dear readers, Yamaha has officially taken the wrap off the bikes to be displayed at Tokyo Motor Show 2013 ( Nov 22, 2013-Dec 1, 2013) in Tokyo Big Sight, where TMCBlog once personally attended the TMS back in 2011. There are total 19 bikes from Iwata-based company’s stall, falling into several categories including concept bikes, automatic scooter, electric bike, PAS ( electrically power assisted bicycles) bikes, and ROV. With TMS 2013 Yamaha has stated its own vision, reading “the growing world of personal mobility”. So what will Yamaha display in TMS 2013 within a couple of weeks?

Firstly, there is BOLT Café  . . . This one is a concept bike, to show visitors how easy someone owning the bike is able to customize it, adjusting with their own desire, including Cafe Race genre as pictured aboved. Another bike to reveal is a electricity-powered dual purpose concep bike PES1 (Passion Electric Street  1) with supermoto look and PED1 (Passion Electric Dirt  1). Interesting thing to note from both concept bikes are the two using monocoque-based chassis


For the third bike, Yamaha will bring into attention EVINO, an electric automatic scooter. The naming seems similar to Vino, a classic-retro automatic scooter sharing identical properties with old Mio . . . In fact it is from the Vino where the naming is derived . . . my guess is possibly Electric Vino.


Next one is TRICITY Concept, serving possibly as Reference vehicle/prototype. The bike is a three-wheeled bike being on display on Yamaha booth at EICMA Milan 2013. It is equipped with 125 cc engine, lightweight, sporty and adopting what so called as leaning multi-wheel (LMW) technology by Yamaha for both front wheels. Apart from those bike mentioned above, Yamaha will feature its booth at TMS 2013 with MT 7, now being displayed at EICMA 2013 already . . .


MT7’s twin cylinder is quite special, unlike any other typical twin cylinder engine . ..  it is presumed that there is a slight similarity with the famous Crossplane Crankshaft concept engine . ..  as the count is yet to reach 11, the list keeps expanding to include . ..  so yamaha will also reveal “YZ250F”, a competition motorcrosser , MotoGP race machine “YZR-M1″ and “VIKING” Recreational Off-highway Vehicle  and other display to take the wrap off . . . Well, at the present time R250 is not mentioned in the list, implying a long road to become real even on production phase and rolled out . . . however other 8 bikes are on waiting list to be revealed by Yamaha . . . will curiosity-making 1WD code publicly registered by Yamaha on TPT will be one of those remaining 8 bikes? we hope so . . . let’s wait what future will tell us . . . have a nice reading

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1. achmadarif - 11 November, 2013

pertamax oh yess…

2. gogon - 11 November, 2013

Ngomong opo to mas,hahaha….copas

3. Ga bsa ngbut - 11 November, 2013

Good morning….
Selamat pagi…
Wilujeng enjing…

4. orong-orong - 11 November, 2013
5. Ga bsa ngbut - 11 November, 2013

Of course you’ll not see it in the list…
R250 built here in Indonesia, not in Iwata… Takes time to shiping it 😀

Anyway, why there’s no fby and fbh in this English version of tmcblog?
I think they don’t know how to insult each other using English…. Hahaa… 😀

6. Radit - 11 November, 2013

Nice to see Yamaha’s new products. Maybe the Star (YZF-R250), will be launch in Indonesia for first time. 🙂

7. fb rak - 11 November, 2013

well. nothing to be ashamed of in commenting here. those fanboys should encourage theirself. they have their world that even the language they use is lack of understanding, they still understand each other. to the author, no offense, keep improving your article linguistic quality.

8. PriboemiAsli - 13 November, 2013

Big surprise kang Haji, of course there is no in the list……Iam sure Yzf r 250 awesome n greaaat bike, killer giants Ninjas n cbr. I think i must get one

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