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Yamaha’s S250 is sensed on Full Try preparation 19 November, 2013

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Dear readers, straight to the point, just pay special attention to witness made by bro Andri he posted through his comment in response to one of TMCBlog’s posts :

Dear TMCBlog and fellow readers. I am simply a silent reader graviting to two wheel blogs. I want to share a story I witnessed some days ago. On last Tuesday, my brother who works in YIMM pulogadung branch in body assy department of line A has informed me of two brand new sport bikes, during time I picked him. When asked whether it would be 2PK-coded bike, he said no, and answered it would be 1WD-related, instead. The answer shook me to the deep of my heart… I conitnued asking him how could he get the clue it would be 1WD-coded bike, he replied that it is directly from the informan, he also continued one is black-colored and the other is red, I want him to take picture of them, but he refused on the fear of firing if taking picture within working premises, asked whether it has banana-like swing arm, unfortunately he responded had no idea what the swing arm is. However, because I had explained him of it, I have a good feeling he can tell parts of those bikes, including swing arm, front suspension, and the chassis as I requst, one thing for sure, he said they much resemble Kawasaki’s Ninja 250, with smaller body and eagle eye-like headlamp. That’s all I can say at the monent with great confidence I have just said above sourced from my brother is not a nonsense convince, because he himself said the code for those bikes is 1WD


Anyone interested in the issue is surely welcome to make any testimony and free to make their own story, however TMCBlog | motoupdate don’t immediately refer to those posted in comment and consider it trustworthy . . . tmcblog will have made double check using other information showing good correlation with the original information . . . and according to information TMCBlog | motoupdate derived it is true within last quarter of 2013 YIMM will probably test their Full Prototype bike, preparing Assy Check in early 2014 for production line. Production line devoted for 250 cc bike will be on trial somewhere around in February 2014  followed by official Mass Production occurring in second semester of 2014  .

So simply put in other word, what bro Andy has said above is still aligned with semi-official time line TMCBlog | motoupdate currently holds 😀 .  . yep . . . Thats right. Yamaha S250 is sensed on its full try preparation ..  . get ready for the new kids on the 250 block

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1. jleb - 19 November, 2013


2. omon - 19 November, 2013

Beritanya ktinggalan mulu bang

3. Lare Dusun Terpencil - 19 November, 2013

Number 3

4. orong-orong - 19 November, 2013

kan harus di translete dulu kang bro omon

5. orong-orong - 19 November, 2013
6. pak tarno - 19 November, 2013

moto joss or motoupdate?

7. Aqj mass murder - 19 November, 2013

Buka tmcblog selalu dialihkan ke motoupdate. Padahal uda clear chache. Clear history dsb. Pake hp sih kang. Jadi kealihkan mulu

8. thedeadbone - 19 November, 2013

very nice bike…

9. ezaarieza - 19 November, 2013

Well, I can’t wait to see the new 250 on the block. I wish this bike can be in line with our expectation, or maybe more..? Who knows?

10. Iwan Budi Santoso - 20 November, 2013

look at the pistons position….is it possible that the R25 is using a crossplane crankshaft??

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