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New Honda Megapro to replace its current predecessor within 2-3 months? 27 November, 2013

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Dear readers, any piece of information should be treated with honor. As such information about timeline Honda Indonesia is to launch new Mega Pro in the early 2014 should not be ignored. Yet, the information triggers huge speculation regarding which variant? Will it be all new New Megapro with fuel-injected engine or simple facelifted one ?

Indeed, astra honda motor is unsurprisingly understood having been preparing a bike to replace their famous midsize sport bike Mega Pro. The bike is believed to run on 150 fuel injected engine. However, asked about details of the bike, TMCBlog has no idea so far to describe or even confidently guess it. Yet, you can expect the bike to carry verza-like specification. Put it simple, this fuel injection version of carburettor engined New Mega Pro is a luxurious version of Verza, their low cost yet quite advanced bike  … imho

So in the mean time, will it be true the bike having KYEG code soon to serve as injection version of New Mega pro currently run on carburettor engine ? just wait and see until  TPT website disclose the secret because as we all know Honda Indonesia is best known for their extraordinary capability to hiding out the secret of their future bikes. The only hope, weirdly lies on AHM expected to announce the TPT related code in the near future, probably a few months to come :)have a nice reading


Taufik of buitenzorg

Note : the picture is only for illustration purpose, not depicting the real product



1. orong-orong - 27 November, 2013

cooming soon

2. orong-orong - 27 November, 2013
3. sontoloyo - 27 November, 2013

shell super

4. dodol - 27 November, 2013

if use fi engine price would beface to face with verza 150,,it will decrease market which one of them

5. motogokil - 27 November, 2013
6. RiderAlit - 27 November, 2013

Will the all new megapro have the same “coakan di rangka dekat leher knalpot” like its predecessor? 😀


7. eko354 - 29 November, 2013

This the first time I visit your English-language blog.
Hopefully bikers around the world will know more about us, bikers in Indonesia.

8. eko354 - 29 November, 2013


Your comment made me remember about my son’s comment when we visited a Honda dealer about two years ago.
He asked me why a world class factory like Honda makes a motorcycle that has a “coakan di rangka dekat leher knalpot” like you said. Until now I do not get definite answer about my son’s question.
And at the time my son chose a competitor brand.

9. Berita Otomotif - 29 November, 2013

is this Yamaha Byson killer?

10. ipanase - 30 November, 2013

i hope it will be better than NMP ( ngomong opo sih aku :v )

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