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First Riding Impression 2015 Yamaha R25 . . . Acceleration and top speed 16 September, 2014

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ayo sekolah

Yamaha Indonesia has made the way clear for R25 to show off after the wrap has been unveiled. But, in term of performance bike, the latest beauty from Pulogadung-based company’s stall must be brought to real terrain, at least on the tarmac of circuit and Sentul is the best option for this aim. I’am very lucky to have ridden the beautiful beast for 20 laps throughout the day in Sentul circuit, which 11 laps of the figure were meant to measure R25 performance using racelogic and 14 drag test for acceleration has been attempted within the figure of 11 laps. All records of the drag test were then extracted as discreet data from race logic and the best is was selected which was recorded during second attempt of drag test. The race logic was powered by dry battery. Those attempts were made in order particularly to know how fast R25 actually is?


R25 has maximum crank case power of 35.54 HP (26.5 kW)/12.000 rpm and maximum torque of the revelation means that R25 will have long revs and good to play on (aka ride fast) when the rpm is on between 7500-8500 . . . talking about acceleration, R25 has very quick response, making short drag test to 60 km/jam from still position only require 3.35 seconds, which is for tmcblog the result was similar to that of single cylinder 250 cc sportbike . . .


But please do keep in mind that R25 is a long rev twin cylinder with great acceleration on higher rpm feeling like riding a beast. R25 took 7.44 seconds to get 100 km/hour from still position, meaning slight difference of 0.44 seconds being compared to otomotifnet’s mr testo with all his advance, skilled performance 😀 . . .


R25 then only took 10.10 seconds to get 200 metres under the regime of TMC , which insignicantly different to result made by otomotifnet’s mr testo taking 9.7 seconds to cover 201 metres. It only differed 0.4 seconds between that of TMCBlog’s and mr testo’s. In other words, R25 is a superbike you can ride every day . . .  the feel of superbike having quick acceleration was indeed there, so for TMCBlog personally Yamaha Indonesia has succesfully proved its own claimi.


Top speed

 What about Top Speed? TMCBlog made top speed for regular standard R25 around 150 metres approaching R1 (please refer to the map . . in which top speed was gained). It is quite normal, however that one has gained higher, since he might have probably made higher initial speed in last corner than what TMCBlog has made, or perhaps he might had braking later than TMCBlog  . . . Top Speed successfully recorded on Race logic’s was 156,16 km/hour . . . with speedometer ticking on 167 km/jam . . .


Conclusively, that’s all what TMCBlog has revealed for you guys, about R25’s race logic data “as is”. Big thanks is given to Yamaha Indonesia who has been very kind to spare this great opportunity to test the bike.

  • 0-60 km/h: 3,35 second
  • 0-80 km/h: 4,99 second
  • 0-100 km/h: 7,44second
  • 0-100 m: 6,64 second
  • 0-200 m: 10,1 second
  • Top speed spido: 167 km/h
  • Top speed Racelogic: 156,16 km/h


1. orong-orong - 16 September, 2014
2. orong-orong - 16 September, 2014

cen banter tenan

3. orong-orong - 16 September, 2014

marai pingin wak haji

4. kang Onar - 16 September, 2014

warunge anyar meneh kie. . .opo aku sing kudet. . . .

5. junkieist - 25 November, 2014

ada rencana test ride yang r3 gag om Taufik? apa gag pengen nembusin pihak yamaha

Taufik - 26 November, 2014

belum ada rencana nih bro

6. sucahyoaji - 28 November, 2014

Amazing performance, very interesting review. What about lap time to compare to other bike? Barangkali bisa dijelaskan apa yang membuat perbedaan laptime.

http ://kupasmotor.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/hasil-uji-penambah-tenaga-the-hulleffect-sukses-bro/

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