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Exclusive Interview with Dorna Sport’s CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta 24 October, 2014

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Dear Brothers and sisters, Talking about Asia Talent cup, Actually this Cadet Race event Is a dorna’s Original idea to bring a Racing event for the Asian Young Motorbike Racer simmiliar with the Cadet Race that they Have in Europe. To Knowing about what is the backgroud of ATC Race , the future of the rider and also the chance of MotoGP held In Indoensia again .. . Lets Check it out.

TMC : Mr Ezpeleta, Whats Is the Backgroud of this Activity (Asia Talent Cup ) ?

Carmelo Ezpeleta : Almost 2 years Ago, when we are start to think about the possibility, we talk with honda about that – they were interested, we talk with Shell, we take some time then finally we are start with the selection one year ago  and we now have an event called Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup.

First thing we talk internally, we have several things that similiar with that in past in europe, so we though it necessary to have that in Asia, then we talk to have motorbike race, and the we talk to Honda to know excatly what is the possibility to have it simmiliar to moto3, and afterthat we talk about the possible calendar, and then we talk about the possible Sponsor, the most IOmportan is Shell. and the when we reach every body we ‘cook’ all of this and we make the cup

TMC  : With ATC held in 6 round what doyou think about the event it self?

Carmelo Ezpeleta : We are extremly happy with the result, never is enough.

TMC : Is There any update for the next Asia Talent Cup

Carmelo Ezpeleta :Well I think the selection will be held in Malaysia after the Malaysian Grand Prix, and after that we will see the Calendar, and we also open for australian dan New Zeland people, then  next ywar it will be Asian plus Australian Rider. But we still call it Shell Advance asia Talent cup not Shell Advance ocean Asian Talent cup

TMC  : How about the future of the rider after Asia Talent Cup

Carmelo Ezpeleta : If they are really good we will take care of them, we are thinking what we can do it. We need to continous with them latter on. Its nout enough to bring people here and to leave them alone. We need to thing with all the people sucah as : Redbull Rookie Cup, FIM CEV, we are looking what we can do. But of course we will do something

TMC  : People in Indonesia is always waiting for motoGP held in Indonesia again

Carmelo ezpeleta : we do , Unfortunatelly, the only matters is we need a circuit, there is no any crcuit in Indoensia for motoGP

TMC  : How about Sentul ?

Carmelo ezpeleta : oh sentul, today is not possible to . . . Far Away, you can se how is Motegi, or sepang you compare with the sentul . Its really has been without maintenance for afew years. It nedds very very Big upgrade

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