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Interview with Cal Crutchlow 27 October, 2014

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Q : Cal, This is you last year with Ducati, what do you think about ducati so far?

Cal Crutchlow : Its been a difficult time, but not necessary from the team side, I’ve been riding the best all year. But of course it disappointed i’ll be leaving at the end of the year but this is racing and this is live, Actually they have two great riders for next 2 year

Q : It seem that now you are going tobe faster and faster, do you ride with GP 14.2 ?

Cal Crutchlow : I don’t have GP14.2, I go fast with the old bike which is event better and also better for ducati, it show that their bike is capable of being in the front an being to be able close to the winner. But you know I didn’t finish, I finish in the gavel You know  . . . no, I mean we did a good job and also the team  work very well

Q : is it make an impact for you because last time in Australia you feel down?

Cal Crutchlow : No Pain Only here (pointing his shoulder ) . . . More heart brake ( joking ) no no its was not kind of a problem, because we believe the crash is not our fault, weve never made anything different, weve never made a big mistake, it jus unfortunate situation, we have a problem with the tire, and so was  othe guys. this is racing, some time you win, sometimes you lose, some time you have good years, sometime you have bad years

Q : Next week is your birthday, may be you want to make early birthday present with take podium in sepang?

Cal Crutchlow : Ya I would like to, I fly home at the same day of my birthday so no celebrating. Hopefully i wil have a good race weekend here

Q : expectation and something to look forward in this weekend race in sepang?

Cal Crutchlow : Its really difficult Track, really difficult circuit, it difficult for ducati as well, so i believe it could be a though race weekend, but we will give a 100% , I’m sure I believe we can make a good result, its will be very difficult to be there at the podium i think yea, because the lack of grip of the Track. But I’m excited i think we will give 100% and see what we finish

Q : Is the heat an issue for you ?

Cal Crutchlow : for every one , its a top race, realy realy top race here. I would prefer a 20 degrees cooler, but ts not gonna happen. If we can change the  weather for Sunday would be perfecy, but we know the situation, we all have ride in the same condition

Q : how if its rain?

Cal Crutchlow : I don’t think we have rain in Sunday, but we never knows here . . . when there is a rain race, we have luck, sure you have to had a skill to ride the bike in the rain

Q : What do you think about the new Bridgestone tire, the Asymmetric tire that you use in Phillips island?

Cal Crutchlow : well it didn’t work for me ya,

Q : is it good or not ?

Cal Crutchlow : yes its good but only in the certain condition, you know the Track temperature drop too much, and then it was not good enough. so They ( Bridgestone) need to change it before the Valencia trips

Q Is there any special preparation for sepang race

Cal Crutchlow : No we came directly from Australia, we trying go out side because we have to get use to with the heat, because in australia it was 10 degrees and here is 40 you know , so we have to try to calculate the body lethal, adjust to the heat, i think it same for every one

Q :  Youve met the young rider, The Asia talent cup rider, what do you think about them?

Cal Crutchlow : i didn’t speak to any of them, because soon they will becoming to challenge me ( Only Joking )  . . . yae its great to see the Asia talent cup. The guys, they always working hard, hopefuly they will be the next champion. But not too soon

Q : any pacticular advice for young rider who want to reach as your stage

Cal Cruthlow : Going To asia Talent cup . . . because you know obviously its very difficult to get racing in Europe, this is great circumstance to be able to be at that stage. They work hard you can see them, and the race is always crazy and closer  like the Rookie championship.


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