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Japan VS Italy, definitely! 9 January, 2015

Posted by Mbah (‾ϖ‾) Dukun in Blogging activity.
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Is it obvious that Japan build quality is worst that Italy build quality ? So Italy main motor manufactures like Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta have a right to put on higher price than other Japan manufactures resemblant ? Just to be honest, assumption Italy bike is nicer than Japan bike is totally wrong..

This assumption is fair-minded if its come from Japan bike owner but the thing is it`s odd when it`s come from the Italy bike owner itself.. why ?

Quality and Reability Factor : JAPAN 2 | ITALY 0


So, if we discuss about build quality sure enough that price is equal to satisfaction. The details of Italy bike is a little bit better than Japan build. This is not a plus point for Italy bike but it has to be a must such things for them, because ? with the higher price they specify, off course they will give you their reasons that their products is a handmade non machine help.

This will make a term of “handmade is better than machine-made

Now in discussing reability, oil leak in brand new motorbike just because the bike is not being used for half a month is only happen on Italy bike, off course it`s can be happen to Japan bike too but that bike must have crash first i guess. This is habitual for Italy bike like Monster varian from Ducati that been well known for its reability among other products.
That`s just the first, traffic jam is a minus point for Italy bike for this case too if we seen on Indonesian street. Have you see a Japan bike stop because overheating ? contrary of this is that even Italy bike recommended to turn the bike off if your stuck in a traffic jam to avoid overheating. Doesn’t care if the bike using radiator at a size of dingdong screen.
Unlucky is this on – off trick to avoid overheating will impact on bike storage battery, so if it defective then the biker must push the bike like Valentino Rossi pushing his bike after a crash to start the engine.. doh!

Appearance and Performance Factor : JAPAN 2 | ITALY 2


For this factor we have to give Italy bike two thumbs up. Their appearance is more stout compared to similar Japan bikes.  Lets take a look like Honda NSR SP vs Cagiva Mito or Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR vs Aprilia RS 125 is it obviously distinct ? And for the features like Upside-down Suspension, Alumunium Deltabox Chasis and Big Size Tire become their standard, despite of  this is related to stringent Europe safety standard.

Value For Money and Service Chain : JAPAN 4 | ITALY 2


For this one, lets take a look around you here in Indonesia, the answer is straight shag. If Italy bike is know for their expensive price and messy service chain, even this is happen in Europe.

The conclusion is..

Japan bike consumer ussualy wiser in choosing a brand, eventhough the choise is either a bike with lower Value for Money among the Japan brand. But the choise is better than an Italy bike. For Italy consumer, they actually have this emotional attachments with Italy brand. Override all factors, passion for brand is what they after! and like an art handmade, “faulty is part of feelings, and with that what distinguish man with machine



1. ardiantoyugo - 9 January, 2015

F4rr jos…

2. me - 9 January, 2015

butuh penyesuaian yg biasa naik motor jepang kalo baru megang motor itali. macet lupa matiin mesin bisa-bisa dorong sampe rumah 😀

3. dimas - 9 January, 2015

ngomong opo ta mbah? translate boso jowo iso ra?

4. Rio - 9 January, 2015

But the Italianos have branded parts on their bikes, best ones in each category. Nevertheles Japananese made bikes for daily use more than Italianos

http ://motorrio. com/2015/01/09/vario- 150-dinamai-vario-techno-150/

5. shuhei nakamoto - 9 January, 2015

Bahasa Japan donk mbah!
Shuhei gak mudeng

6. ditna - 9 January, 2015

Hadeh, keluar boso asli ausieenya si mbah.

7. Onta - 9 January, 2015

dari kmraen artikel buat medan berantem gk ada.. jd malez bookmark gk seru!

8. Febrian - 9 January, 2015

translate boso sunda mbah

9. pai - 9 January, 2015

Aq sih yes, no smoking..

10. idadzzz - 9 January, 2015

meradang saya bacanya… ra mudeng…

11. Wong Biasa - 9 January, 2015

Tibak’e bisa nulis dowo mbah…

12. setyo - 9 January, 2015

Ini artikel bukan bwt biker ikan teri

13. callmewhy - 10 January, 2015

radiator with dingdong screen size.. orang luar kalo baca itu ngerti ga ya mbah… hahahaha

14. MiminLovers - 10 January, 2015

mau buatan jepang atau itali, tetep aja nggak bisa ngalahin ay punya mimin, motor berteknologi dewa secantik dewi kahyangan….. 😄

15. joharlambong - 10 January, 2015

Hope I can buy one of italy bikes, or japan bike with italy taste. But anyway, japan bike is good enough for me now :((

16. apri - 10 January, 2015

Tumben englishnya bumpy bgt mbah? Jadi kurang enak bacanya..

17. nlavia - 10 January, 2015

how bout british engine like triumph or norton, compare with italian or japan?

18. gilaroda2 - 10 January, 2015

kok “dingdong” dibawa-bawa sih…. emange mas2 bule ngerti mesin dingdong?! 😀

19. Motor Batangan - 11 January, 2015

Wow, afaik this is the first article in English! You have my appreciation, mbah! (ini mbah dukun yg nulis kan? :)) )

But anyway whomever wrote this article please work on his english! My brain hurts since too much failures. Grammars and terms errors are here and there :))
I get it what it means but it’s such a pity and it bugs me, a lot. Please, will ya? I believe it will help this blog also, to have a way better quality. Thanks before!


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