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Honda Canada sales increased rapidly….!! 5 February, 2015

Posted by IWB in Honda.

Screenshot_2 Honda once again become the market leader in Canada. After nearly 7 years not being able to do so now they managed to increase its market share to 20 percent. Great !!

Honda once again occupy the top position in the Canadian market, reclaim the honor for the first time in seven years. Take control nearly 20% of the market share, Honda Canada sold 10,930 motorcycles in 2014, 10% more than its nearest competitor …..

In addition to the overall award, Honda became the market leader for sales of the type of off-road motorcycles, dualsport and street sport category for 2014. The best-selling sales figures contributed by CBR500R and MSX125…..(IWB)



1. ardiantoyugo - 5 February, 2015

cbr500 menguasai ye…

yamaha dan honda sama sama over price:

2. gigi - 5 February, 2015

Pertamax diamankan

3. 150. Samin - 5 February, 2015

pake bahasa suse…

4. frodie - 5 February, 2015

thumbs for Honda!! 😉

5. Ariel - 6 February, 2015

Great article!
Now it more likely TG media wannabe than another commonly local Blog as you have had!
Keep it that way. Perhaps it needs more photos & in-depth reporting =)

6. MAMAT - 6 February, 2015

di kanada cuma jual 10 ribu unit motor dah juara 1. kalau disini sih posisi buncit.

7. Yoseph - 6 February, 2015

iwb ngomong opoooo???
kok artikelnya berbahasa palembang.. 😀

8. jokowi jongos - 9 February, 2015

fire in the hole!!!!:D

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